Sales, payment and financing for B2B commerce

Obtainly helps companies receive orders, receive payments and finance their customers and suppliers

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Obtainly Financing

Access on-demand financing to grow your business

Obtainly offers on demand financing for your LPOs and Invoices

As low as 24 hours

We approve and disburse funding requests within 24 hours.

Zero management charges

No management charges

No collateral

We don't require any collateral.

Obtainly Financing
Obtainly Sales

Digitize your sales operations

Receive orders and accept payments


Customers and sales managers can place and manage orders on the go via a mobile app.


Instant and reliable deployment of promotions and trade plans. Prevent promotion miscommunication

Performance insights

Deploy targets and get insights on customer and sales manager performance.

Secure, instant payments

Confirm and match customer payments to orders instantly, give customers access to realtime account statements.

Lowest interest rate

Enjoy as low as 1.5% interest rate

Obtainly Sales

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